Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Monday night Jake casually informed me that our new house almost burned down. I was a little surprised, but not too worried....since he didn't seem to be. Here's the story in Jake's words:

"My dad and I heard fire engine sirens and saw them drive through the street behind our house. Then we heard them again and they were driving on a different street behind the house. We thought, 'That's sad, there's a fire somewhere.' A few minutes later, the fire marshal parked in front of our lot and started a conversation with my dad. I guess one of the neighbors, from across the valley, saw smoke coming from our house and flames inside. She also noticed me and my dad sheeting the roof and thought we were stuck above a terrible house fire. What the neighbor didn't realize was the flames were contained in our fire bucket and the smoke was floating through the unsheeted trusses on top of the house. The fire bucket works like a fireplace for us. We use it to keep warm while we are framing on cold winter days. The helpful neighbor was a little paranoid about house fires, because there was a bad house fire just a few days ago in Ogden. So, it was all just a misunderstanding. Because the helpful neighbor was witnessing this 'tragedy' from across the valley, she couldn't give the fire department a location. That is why they were driving back and forth on the streets behind our house. They could see the smoke but could not find the streets that lead to our house."

Although it was a false alarm, I'm really happy to know that we have observant (albeit distant) neighbors who watch out for our safety and aren't afraid to call for help when needed.

Thank you to whomever you are. This world needs more neighbors like you!

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